Wai Pockets – Bottle, 2 Quart or Grayl


We now offer 3 versions of our Wai Pocket…Wai (pronounced like the letter Y) is Hawaiian for water!  We designed the Wai Bottle Pocket to be unlike any other bottle pocket on the market!  The design parameters were…one handed opening and closing, using 3 channels of PALS webbing for stability, drainage without grommets, able to use on pack or waistbelt, and absolute security!  We not only achieved this, but also designed it to carry 32oz or 48oz Wide Mouth Nalgene bottles, 40oz Hydroflask bottles, 1qt USGI canteens, or two regular 16.9oz water bottles side by side…all of these fit perfectly in the pocket!  Actually, any bottle with the diameter of a 32oz Wide Mouth Nalgene bottle, will work great!  There are 5 rows of PALS webbing on the back that allows you to use 2 short Malice Clips when mounted on a pack waistbelt with 2 rows of PALS webbing, or use 2 long Malice Clips when mounted on a pack with at least 4 rows of PALS webbing…the Malice Clips are included!  We decided to use a continuous 3” wide band/flap of double layer 1000d Cordura that wraps vertically around the pocket adding structure, then Velcro’s down on top…total security and one handed operation!  The back of the pocket is also double layer 1000d Cordura!  A removable bungee with cordlock lets you fold the flap into the pocket, and use the bungee to secure the taller bottles…also a one handed operation! We also offer the Wai 2 Quart Pocket that is designed to hold USGI 2qt canteens with the same features as our Wai Bottle Pocket. It uses 4 channels of PALS webbing, and has 5 rows of PALS webbing on the back. It does not have a bungee and also comes with 2 short and 2 long Malice Clips. Our third version to the Wai Pocket line is our Wai Grayl Pocket. This version is designed to hold the Grayl GeoPress bottle, along with the Pathfinder Nesting Cup and lid. You can choose to just use the Grayl GeoPress in the pocket by itself. The pocket has a separate slot pocket to hold the nesting cup lid, and there is no bungee in this pocket. It also comes with 2 short and 2 long Malice Clips. We believe our Wai  Pockets have the most features of any water bottle pocket on the market…yet still simple and functional!


Materials: 1000d Cordura, Velcro, 1″ webbing, #92 bonded nylon thread

Colors: Black, Ranger Green, Multicam, Coyote, TigerStripe, Woodland Camo

Weight: 4 oz for each

Dimensions: Bottle Pocket 9.5″ x 5.25″ , 2 qt Pocket  7″ x 7 3/4″

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Black, Coyote Brown, Multicam, Ranger Green, TigerStripe, Woodland Camo


2 qt Pocket, Bottle Pocket, Grayl