About PocketUp

PocketUp is a small mom and pop shop building pockets and packs for organized carry and comfort, and all Made in the USA!  We are Mel and Rena Terkla, the owners and only employees of PocketUp. I (Mel Terkla), have been designing packs and pockets for packs for over 20 years. I started the Military/Tactical Division at Kifaru International in 2002, and designed all the packs and pockets for that Division for almost 13 years. We started PocketUp in 2018 with one pocket, one size, and one color! We now offer over 40 different pockets, some in 4 sizes and 8 colors, along with over 15 packs in different configurations and 8 colors. Our products are used for EDC, adventure traveling, military, search and rescue, hiking, and a multitude of other uses! I do all the design work and R&D, testing, shipping, and handle all the social media, emails, and phone calls. Rena makes the patterns, and does all the cutting and sewing…every product that leaves the shop is built by Rena from start to finish with outstanding build quality and attention to detail!  We do not keep an inventory and every product is built upon receipt of order. We have a PocketUp Facebook page where I post tons of photos showing our packs and pockets in use, along with all the details and specs for our products. At PocketUp you do not have to wait for runs or drops, and hope the color you want will be in the next run! Here, you just place your order for the color you want and it goes into the queue to be built! This is one of the advantages of dealing with a small mom and pop shop who don’t have a factory or use a contract sewing company. Also, customer service is a priority with us…we do not have office hours at PocketUp, and you can reach me 24/7 at 831-566-2337!

Questions? Please email or call

mel@pocketup.net or 831-566-2337